Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" (Australian Variant 1)
Status within Australia: Widely available - most true altifrons sold in stores will be of this variety

Breeding Behaviour:
Spotted caudal fin (spots can merge into lines as the fish get older), small squarish lateral spot (when fully showing), split lateral bars in adults (especially bars 2, 3 and 4), and head colouration is similar to body colour.

Immediate ovophilous.
Comments: This fish is only one of three true altifrons (which are not rumours or incorrectly labelled) in Australia, the other variants being the Tocantins Variant 2 and Manaus. Some individuals show a double lateral spot, usually only on one side.
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Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of fella/chevguy.

Flash: Final Shot Only - Photographs courtesy of ozarowana.

Flash: Overhead - Photographs courtesy of Schmuck.

Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of japes.

Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of Den.

Flash: Yes (Except Last 2) - Photographs courtesy of mrfish.