Geophagus sp. "Columbia / Venezuela"
Status within Australia: Some breeding colonies present with fry occasionally available.
Other names: none
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus cf. altifrons "Aripuana I"

Breeding Behaviour:
Geophagus sp. "Columbia / Venezuela" have a striped caudal fin, a relatively large lateral spot (compared to G. abalios), show a red iris and have an area of brighter red between the gill operculum and the lateral spot. The red horizontal lines also appear broken towards the anterior end. The defining characteristic of this species are the two short lateral bars either side of the bar that runs through the lateral spot.

Immediate ovophilous (picks up eggs immediately).
Comments: Came into the country and was sold incorrectly as Geophagus cf. altifrons "Aripuana I".
International links: Geophagus abalios is not always Geophagus abalios

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