Satanoperca leucosticta
Status within Australia: Becoming more commonly available
Other names: Green Horseface
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus jurupari, Satanoperca jurupari

Breeding Behaviour:
Silvery body colour, spotted face pattern, typical Satanoperca body shape.

This Satanoperca species has a streamlined body shape which is a silvery blue-grey colour. There are no black markings present apart from a small black spot on the upper caudal peduncle. Depending on mood this species can show a faint horizontal band on the flanks, or a series of vertical lateral bars (some forming a Y shape) or no banding pattern at all. The head area from the mouth to the back of the gill plates are covered in numerous small whitish or iridescent bluish spots, often with a reddish background. These spots are also present along the back immediately below the dorsal fin. The tips of the dorsal fin spines are black.

Delayed ovophilous.
Comments: This species is beginning to become more common in the aquarium trade here in Australia. Young fish lack the face spotting and have the dark parallel bands that run from the corner of the mouth to the eye, so can be confused with true S. jurupari. There are efforts from a few people around the country to produce some numbers of quality fish so they don't disappear from the hobby. Some specimens can have bad / crooked mouths and poor body shapes (short and compressed), as well as deformed caudal fins, particularly along the base. Care should be taken when breeding and purchasing this species.
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