Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" (Australian Variant 2)
Status within Australia: Spawning parents with fry occasionally available.
Other names: Tall-bodied altifrons.
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" (?)

Breeding Behaviour:
Very tall body profile, straight head profile, long snout, caudal fin spotting seems to stay as spots in mature fish. The lateral spot seems smaller and different in shape compared to G. altifrons "Tocantins" and is normally positioned approximately a scale width below the lateral line. When this variant shows a larger lateral spot, the spot can touch the lateral line. Head colour appears golden with a pale body colour.

Immediate ovophilous.
Comments: Were sold as G. altifrons "Tocantins" at a shop in Brisbane, head profile and snout shape are obvious in fish of 10cm, caudal fin spotting seems to be different compared to G. altifrons "Tocantins", juveniles of around 6cm have a body shape similar to the "Orangehead" Geophagus types. The lateral bar patterning also appears to be different to the "Tocantins" variant. This species is kept in the same tank as a pair of G. altifrons "Tocantins" yet neither pair interbreed. This is most likely a different altifrons variant... but which one?

Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of fella/chevguy.