Gymnogeophagus balzanii
Status within Australia: Breeding colonies present with juveniles occasionally available.
Other names: Argentine humphead, Paraguay Mouthbrooder, Paraguay Eartheater.

Breeding Behaviour:
Numerous vertical lateral bars which split, green/yellow base colour, adult males have an almost veritcal upper head profile.

Maternal larvophilous.
Comments: This species is the type species of the genus, however it does not have the typical characteristics of other Gymnogephagus. Gymnogeophagus balzanii have a more southern distribution compared to Geophagus (latitude between 12-27 degrees south which correlates to between the Cape York area and Brisbane) and should be kept in a period of cool water (12-15 degrees C) for two months of the year. Temperatures above 25 degrees C should also be avoided.
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Flash: Yes - Photographs courtesy of Ben.

Flash: Yes - Photograph courtesy of japes.

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