Satanoperca sp. "Sinuous"
Status within Australia: Very rare, but present.

Breeding Behaviour:
Similar in shape to S. leucosticta with more of a red colouration

Mosaic-like pattern of tight swirls on the gill operculum, dark marks on forehead (which are different to marks found on S. leucosticta), irridescent spots on back are longer than S. leucosticta (like two spots have merged).

Eggs are picked up after 24hrs (Delayed ovophilous?)
Comments: The story behind these fish is that 100 specimens were brought into Queensland. Ten fish were kept by this person and the rest sold off. Out of this group only five made it to become adults. These fish proved quite difficult to spawn and were pasted around to quite a few people with not much luck. They ended up in Melbourne where 4-5 spawns were produced from this particular group. The fish were very susceptable to HITH and all of the original group of five are no longer alive. Apparently the young are at spawning age, but I have had no luck getting hold of any fry.

Interestingly, pictures of this exact species seem to be a lacking from other countries and only appear to come from Australia.
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Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of Geoffagus (Geoff Wills).

The above photographs were taken by Geoffagus (Geoff Wills), a member of ACEForums who is no longer active.

Flash: Yes - Photographs courtesy of hypozebra.