Geophagus cf. argyrostictus "Aripuana"
Status within Australia: Some colonies present with fry occasionally available. Numbers may be of concern.
Other names: Geophagus sp. "Madeira"
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus cf. argyrostictus "Arapiuns"

Breeding Behaviour:
These fish belong to the tear-striped eartheaters. They have the distinguishing lachrymal stripe (blue eye stripe), six thick lateral bars (juveniles show a blotched barring pattern) and a red iris. Lateral spot shape is generally wider towards the bottom and narrower at the top. Blue lips develop with age and caudal fin colour has been suggested to fade with age (needs confirmation).

Open spawner.
Comments: This species is not the true argyrostictus from the Rio Xingu. They came into the country as Geophagus aeroes and appear to be a rare species in the hobby globally. Probably the most aggressive of the true geophagus we have in Australia. Some individuals show a short body type.

The opinions of Stawikowski and Werner is that G. sp. "Madiera" = G. cf. argyrostictus "Aripuana" (the Rio Aripuana is a middle tributary of the Rio Madeira).
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