Satanoperca jurupari
Status within Australia: Not present. Species sold as S. jurupari are generally mislabled S. leucosticta.
Other names: Jurupari, Demon Eartheater
Comments: Apparently in the late 80's and early 90's all that was available was S. jurupari (compared to S. leucosticta), however these days people claim to have this species, but all turn out to be Satanoperca leucosticta. Some "real" jurupari are reported to have been for sale in 2003/2004 in aquarium stores in the Sydney area.

Satanoperca jurupari (which are immediate ovophilous) is probably the plainest species of the genus and differs from S. leucosticta (delayed ovophilous) in breeding behaviour and a number of other characteristics. The species can usually be identified by the presence of two dark parallel stripes running from the eye to the corner of the mouth. There are however some Satanoperca species that have a spotted face pattern and have a jurupari-like spawning behaviour. This is irrelevant to our situation as these fish are not present in Australia.

If you genuinely have Satanoperca jurupari and are in Australia, we would love to hear from you.
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