Geophagus winemilleri
Status within Australia: No breeding pairs or colonies.
Other names: Geophagus sp. "Rio Negro I", Geophagus sp. "Stripetail"

Breeding Behaviour:
It appears this species has 5 diagonal lateral stripes (similar to G. sp. "Rio Branco"), a black pre-opercular mark and a somewhat semi-striped caudal fin. Adults are quite easy to distinguish as they have quite a unique look.

Comments: The owner of the beautiful G. winemilleri pictured below brought five 5-6cm fish back in January 2005 as "Geophagus Aripuana (wild caught)". They turned out to be 1M / 4F, but sadly the lone male in this group has passed away. Some spawning activity (both parents held) has been observed but no fry have been reared.
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Flash: No - Photographs courtesy of Phenomena.

These photographs are displayed in chronological order for your reference. Picture label 0501 means 2005 January, etc. The last unlabelled set are from November 2006.