Geophagus brachybranchus
Status within Australia: Commonly available, with established colonies and fry present.
Other names: Red Horseface, Black-Throated Geophagus, Black-Throated surinamensis
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus surinamensis

Breeding Behaviour:
Black preopercular mark, black throat, spotted caudal fin, red iris, lateral spot is relatively large and can look tear-shaped under certain conditions, 6-7 lateral bars (which in some photos can look like 4-5 thicker bars).

Comments: It seems these fish have been in the hobby here for at least 20 years (1985) and are probably the most commonly available of the "surinamensis types". Geophagus brachybranchus are said to originate from the Guyana area which would make sense, as this area exported quite a few fish species in the 80's (and have stopped exporting to a certain degree).

As juveniles it appears this species has seven lateral bars and the barring pattern can resemble that of G. dicrozoster. This species can be easily distinguished from the similar looking G. sp. "Rio Branco" by the body shape, shape of the lateral spot (G. sp. "Rio Branco" has an oval spot under certain circumstances) and the lateral barring (G. sp. "Rio Branco" has diagonally sloping lateral bars).
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