Geophagus dicrozoster
Status within Australia: No evidence to support their presence here, with most advertised G. dicrozoster actually being other species.
Other names: Geophagus sp. "Columbia", Geophagus cf. brachybranchus "Rio Caroni"
Characteristics: Shape is similar to that of other members of the "Surinamensis Complex". Black preopercular mark, 4th and 5th lateral bars form a Y, irregular caudal fin striping, not as high bodied and more streamlined compared to say an altifrons.
Comments: There is no real proof that this species is here in Australia. Many people advertise Geophagus dicrozoster for sale but they usually turn out to be G. abalios or G. brachybranchus. Young fish with matching characteristics for this species may also turn out to be another species. Buyer beware.

Characteristics of true G. dicrozoster are:

- Black preopercular mark
- Irregularly striped tail
- Elongated body profile
- 7 lateral bars with bar 4 joining bar 5 forming a Y (counting from head to tail)
- Larvophilous
- Red eye colour
- They also appear to lack any strong blue face markings
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