Geophagus cf. altifrons "Aripuana II"
Status within Australia: Unlikely present. Fish sold under this name in Australia are Geophagus sp. "Rio Branco"
Other names: "Ari II".
Comments: The species of Geophagus that is sold in Australia under the G. cf. altifrons "Aripuana II" name is in fact not an altifrons at all. It has been incorrectly labelled and should be known as Geophagus sp. "Rio Branco". This means G. cf. altifrons "Aripuana II" are at present not here in Australia and everyone should remember that this does not change the value of these beautiful fish in anyway.

Distinguishing features of this fish which do not fit characteristics for G. altifrons are:

  • Large lateral spot size - G. altifrons has a small or no lateral spot (although cf. altifrons do have a largish spot)
  • Four diagonal lateral bars - G. altifrons has seven vertical lateral bars
  • Presence of a mood dependant preopercular mark - G. altifrons lack any dark head markings
  • Delayed brooding - G. altifrons are immediate brooders

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