Geophagus abalios
Status within Australia: In trouble, with less than 10 known individuals.
Incorrectly labelled: Geophagus dicrozoster

Breeding Behaviour:
This species is very similar to Geophagus sp. "Columbia / Venezuela". Both species have striped caudal fins and a red iris. Geophagus abalios has a more square and smaller lateral spot compared to Geophagus sp. "Columbia / Venezuela". Juvenile Geophagus abalios show 6-7 solid lateral bars, which split into double lateral bars as adults. (See Geophagus abalios is not always Geophagus abalios translated version to come).

Immediate ovophilous (picks up eggs immediately).
Comments: Came into the country and has been incorrectly sold as Geophagus dicrozoster. This fish is very similar to G. abalios "Tamanaco"
International links: cf. abalios Tamanaco II.htm

Flash: Yes - Photographs courtesy of Josh.

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